Self-Managed Super Funds

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       Expert advice on self-managed super funds.

    As part of our financial services in Raymond Terrace and Cardiff, CL Financial provides quality assistance and advice in relation to superannuation matters. Fully informed within this area, our team stays up to date with the latest rules and regulations, so we can offer expert independent advice to our clients.

    Whether you’re a sole trader, small company or large corporation, we can provide services tailored to meet your specific requirements. For more information about how we can help with superannuation, just call us in Newcastle today.

    Powerful superannuation strategies


    The government will allow persons under 65 to contribute up to $180,000 per year or pay a lump sum of $540,000 in non-concessional contributions (un-deducted contributions). Take this opportunity if you have just sold your business, or you have spare money invested outside of superannuation (also if you’ve just sold your valuable Sydney property).

    You may also contribute up to $35,000 (depending on age) each as a tax-deductible contribution or as a salary sacrifice. Work Test of 40 hours in 30 days (once only, per year) is allowed for over 65s to help them make contributions or salary sacrifices to superannuation until the age of 75.

    Net result

    The client, aged 60 and over from July 2009, can convert the fund into a retirement fund, with the effect that all earnings in the fund will no longer be taxed. Pension money drawn from the pension fund will also be tax exempt, with no need to include this in the tax return.

    We’ll also introduce you to other strategies, addressing the following areas:

    • Sale of small business concessions – these could all be tax-free
    • Contributions from taxpayers of up to $35,000 (depends on age) per annum being tax deductible (working or self-employed)
    • Helping the self-employed towards retirement. Every dollar contributed is tax deductible
    • Tax breaks for those over 50 and those over 60
    • Part-time retirees saving income tax by placing investment funds into (TTR) Transition To Retirement Pension Funds

      If you have parents, or perhaps an uncle or relative who’s close to retiring, then please tell them about this super superannuation opportunity.

      If you would like tax-exempt pensions, we’ll be happy to assist you in your transition to retirement and will also explain to you about some fallacies (at the knowledge corner of some pub or club) of moneys invested in superannuation and retirement funds.

      Call us today on 02 4987 2413 for more information
      about self-managed super funds.

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